My favourite style to paint in is Impressionism.
I started my journey in art when I was just 9 years old. I did an art course at school and created what I thought back then to be a masterpiece.
I kept going to art courses and improving my paintings and drawings each time. I then started to do art as more than just a hobby and started to use art to drown out my fears. Art became my comfort and joy. My paintings started to get better and better but then came the turning point. I was in Year 7 and I had just been told I was good enough to be put forward to attempt an Art Scholarship to my senior school. I worked as hard as I could all throughout Year 7 until it came to Year 8. My Art Scholarship was just a few weeks away.  I worked hours a day to improve my still life drawings (which were required for the scholarship). It was the day of the Scholarship and my heart was pumping. Luckily, I performed as well as I could and won the Scholarship but I couldn't have done it without my incredible and inspirational Art Teacher, Mr David Holden. Now I have decided to start taking commissions and that is one of the reasons for this website.